We've been working very hard behind the scenes to find a solution to the unexpected £70,000 required to build a new electricity sub-station.  We have sadly not had any success with Brighton & Hove City Council (the freeholders) or UK Power Networks.  We have spent hours and hours de-scoping items from the project and investigating whether existing grants can be re-allocated to cover this unexpected expense.  We urgently need to get the contractors back onsite if we stand chance of getting the swimming pools open for next summer, which is what everyone really wants and besides we've already spent £700,000 on a new plant room in the grounds.

So today we are launching an 'adopt a brick' in 'Our Wall of Fame' which will help fund the new sub-station.  The bricks can feature your name or a customised message dedicated to someone special for as little as £50.  The wall won't be built until early next year (we have space for 2, 500 bricks) but in the meantime you will receive a certificate that you could wrap for Christmas or just as a gift.

You can be assured that your contribution will make a difference in helping us raise the money we need and getting the pools open for Summer 2016.  You can read more about it here as well as downloading the order form or paying online for your brick.